God the Artist: Buds, Nebula, Spring

The buds are out hinting at Spring. Out on my walk I couldn’t help think what an amazing artist God is.


Sometimes, when I wonder why I create, and worry that I should be seeking more of an audience for my work, I remember that God creates art for the sake of art. For millennia the cats eye nebula has dazzled, an astounding show by God — for God alone. Who knows how many other wonders exist that nobody but God has seen?


He created humans. Outside of love I can’t imagine what other purpose humans have. God creates for the sake of love, beauty, to express his amazing nature. In other words, he creates art for the sake of art.


This is no bored doodling though. He stands behind his work. He’s willing to sacrifice everything for it. He’s willing to enter into to his creation if needed. To bleed and die for it.


We are created in his image. Our natures are creative too. We should go and do likewise.