East School Mural

At East School in New Canaan, my mural now proudly hangs. It was created in memory of Greenwich Detective and East School moniter Timothy Biggs. Below is a link to an article in the New Canaan Advertiser about it.



God the Artist: Buds, Nebula, Spring

The buds are out hinting at Spring. Out on my walk I couldn’t help think what an amazing artist God is.


Sometimes, when I wonder why I create, and worry that I should be seeking more of an audience for my work, I remember that God creates art for the sake of art. For millennia the cats eye nebula has dazzled, an astounding show by God — for God alone. Who knows how many other wonders exist that nobody but God has seen?


He created humans. Outside of love I can’t imagine what other purpose humans have. God creates for the sake of love, beauty, to express his amazing nature. In other words, he creates art for the sake of art.


This is no bored doodling though. He stands behind his work. He’s willing to sacrifice everything for it. He’s willing to enter into to his creation if needed. To bleed and die for it.


We are created in his image. Our natures are creative too. We should go and do likewise.

Self portraits – they make aging fun


All those new wrinkles may not be pretty but they sure are interesting.


I’m not a big fan of self portraits but I do a lot of them.  They’re a good backup when nobody is available to sit completely still for hours and hours for me.


Plus it still beats a landscape — or, zzzzzz….a still life.


Here are three self portraits. The one I’m working on, one done in my twenties and a nudie done when I was fifteen. At fifteen I was stacked!  or I didn’t get the whole proportions thing yet….


The first image, my favorite, isn’t a self portrait. It’s a drawing my my six year old did of me recently. She’s amazing. If she ever asks, I promise to sit completely still for hours and hours for her.

The couple who has everything

AYIN_coupleMy husband’s business school friend is getting married. He’s a successful guy, one of the producers of THE BOOK OF MORMON.  The woman he’s marrying is no slouch either, she’s head of American Art at one of the big auction houses. They collect art and wine. They travel all over. What a couple, right?


But what to get them for a wedding gift? Sadly, we can’t spring for a Warhol…


I wanted to offer to do a portrait but we worried that was presumptuous…I mean how do I know if the head of American art WANTS my work?


Still, we are going to offer the portrait and also take them out to dinner —  but since they will need to actually sit for the portrait we will give them a funny caricature first as a placeholder.


I thought that I could do him as a Mormon Missionary (in the style of Hirschfeld of course since he’s a Broadway guy) and her as Madame X, since she looks like John Singer Sargent’s, Madame X, minus the crazy nose. American art meets American theatre!


I have not met her yet so I had to guess from her front view what she looks like from the side (no side views on facebook L) but we meet for dinner tonight so I’d going to show my sketch to them and then see if she’ll let me take a side view. I may need to nix the smile in order to get her Madame X-y enough. I’m going to paint her in too but leave him as a line drawing.


I’ll post the final after I take a side view of theme but in the meantime I’m off to dinner…